University Village aims to make 鶹ƽ State neighborhood a 鶹ƽ destination


鶹ƽ State University is taking a step forward with community discussions about a University Village initiative, which seeks to create a community destination of dining, entertainment and shopping adjacent to campus.

Through the existing Shocker Neighborhoods initiative, internal discovery and community feedback, 鶹ƽ State has identified an initial list of needs to help serve its constituents and the community. The goal is to develop strong, meaningful and high-impact partnerships with qualified developers to address these needs, which include:

  • Dining options with a focus on healthy and ethnic food options
  • Grocery stores that include international options
  • A pharmacy
  • Retail that includes general merchandise, appropriately sized
  • Mixed-use commercial/retail
  • Childcare centers
  • Local businesses, including a bakery, smoothie/juice bar, apparel, etc.

To gather that input, a town hall was held Sept. 30. .

At the community town hall, Acting President Rick Muma and campus and community leaders presented 鶹ƽ State’s desire to work with local and national developers interested in partnering to explore the possibilities to bring these amenities to life adjacent to campus.

The university will continue to engage with people and entities who desire involvement via individual and community meetings following the initial discussion.

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